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Werewolf Betrayal Book #4

Hey everyone!
I first want to say, thank you for being so patient with me.  I know I said this book would be ready at the end of October, but life went a little crazy on me and I wasn't able to get it finished on time.  But I hope the wait will be worth it.  
Book #4 Werewolf Betrayal is now LIVE on Kindle!  Head on over to Amazon and check it out and let me know what you think.

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Sneak Peek at Book 4 in my Taming the Wolf Series

Chapter 1 – Home Again

                Ava closed her eyes as the plane’s tires touched the ground with a hard jolt.  She felt Cyrus squeeze her hand and she glanced over at him and smiled. They were home.  She bit her lip worriedly and sighed. 
                “Hey, why the frown?  We’re getting married in five days.  You should be glowing with happiness,” Cyrus said as he undid his seatbelt and stood up.
                Ava smiled up at him and couldn’t help noticing how happy he was.  He was so tall and large that he seemed to fill the tiny Cessna.  His crystal blue eyes gleamed down at her warmly and his lips curled up in a half-smile as he watched her.
                Ava ran her hands through her hair and stood up too.  “I don’t have many good memories of Paskell Cyrus.  You know that.  I am excited to get married to you.  I just don’t want Paskell’s bad luck to get in the way of our happiness,” she said as he pulled her in close and wrapped his arms around her waist.
                “That’s why we’re here Ava.  We need to show the people of Paskell that the hard times are over.  You and I are going to usher in a new era of peace and happiness. And maybe a little good luck too.”
                Ava reached up and played with Cyrus’s rich brown hair, pushing it over his ears before kissing him quickly.  “If you say so,” she said with a wry grin.
                Cyrus laughed and shook his head.  “You’ll see.”
                “Come on you two, you’re blocking the exit and I need to go to the bathroom,” Zoe complained, tapping her foot impatiently.
                Ava moved out of her way and smiled as Rory and Poppy hurried after Zoe.   Cyrus squeezed her hand one more time before walking back to help her dad with Perry.  Ava unbuckled Finn from the car seat and lifted him in her arms, wincing at the automatic tug on her hair.
                “Vay-vay,” Finn said proudly and snuggled into her neck.
                Ava kissed Finn’s chubby cheeks and sighed happily.  He’d just barely begun calling her Vay-Vay during the last few days and she loved it.  She held him securely in her arms as she moved to descend the stairs.  The relief from having Ben behind bars and her family safe again was still so huge that she got goose bumps.  The image of Finn’s gray face and Ben’s crazed eyes would stay with her forever though. 
                Ava firmly pushed thoughts of Ben away and tried to focus on the now.  She reached the ground and walked over to Rory and Poppy who looked a little nervous as they stared around at the breathtaking Canadian scenery.
                “You’ll get used to it,” Ava said with a grin as Rory stared at the majestic mountains.
                “You told me and of course I’ve seen pictures but this is amazing.  I’m speechless,” he said as he closed his eyes and lifted his face to the bright sunlight.
                Poppy smiled and held her arms up for Finn.  Ava grinned and let Poppy hold Finn and laughed as he pulled on one of her long bright red braids.  “He’s a flirt Poppy, watch out,” she warned.
                Poppy laughed delightedly and blew her cheeks out big to make Finn laugh. She walked over to Perry who was still making her way carefully down the stairs.  She was almost fully recovered from the knife wound to her throat, but she still seemed fragile.
                “Seeing Poppy with Finn makes me want to have another,” Rory admitted softly as he watched his daughter charm Ava’s little brother.
                Ava’s heart melted as she looked up into Rory’s handsome face.  The gentle, kind man had fallen hard and fast for Zoe.  She’d thought her relationship with Cyrus had been a whirlwind, but after just knowing each other for a few weeks, Rory and Zoe had flown to Las Vegas to get married and flown back just two days later, ecstatic and ready to start their lives together. 
                She’d wanted to marry Cyrus in a quick Vegas wedding too, but Cyrus had insisted that the town of Paskell be invited.  She was so jealous of Zoe she could spit.  She reached up and gave Rory a hug and kiss on the cheek.
                “Rory, you and Zoe will make beautiful babies,” she said, laughing as his eyes lit up.
                Rory put his arm around her shoulder and smiled.  “I hope . . .”, he said, not finishing his sentence as a large, angry man materialized in front of them.
                Ava’s smile disappeared as Cole Jansen stared at Rory with murder in his eyes.
                “Say goodbye to your husband Ava, because he’s getting ready to die,” Cole snarled before leaping on Rory and taking him to the ground with a vicious blow to gut.
                Ava screamed in shock and tried to pull Cole off of Rory who was doing his best to block the blows from Cole’s massive fists.
                People came running toward them, but a large black shadow streaked by everyone and within seconds, the black wolf had Cole by the throat, growling as her teeth began to pierce Cole’s skin.
                All havoc, shouting and violence ended immediately as Zoe vibrated with barely controlled rage.  Cole must have known how close he was to death and remained completely still.  Cyrus moved quickly toward Zoe and kneeled down by her head.
                “Zoe honey, let go of Cole’s throat. We don’t want the hassle of planning a funeral today okay?  Just let go so we can find out why in the world Cole was trying to kill Rory,” he said soothingly.
                Ava winced as she helped Rory up off the ground and glanced at Poppy. Poppy had taken Finn over to see Perry and so had missed all of the violence thank heavens.  Rory moaned a little and wiped a smear of blood off his mouth with the back of his hand.
                “That’s Cole, huh?” he muttered darkly, staring at the man on the ground.
                Ava blew out an exasperated breath.  “Welcome to Paskell where every man is an Alpha and overloaded with testosterone.  See why I left?” she said quietly as Harry joined them and looked Rory over quickly.
                “Looks like you’re going to have a black eye.  How are your ribs?” Harry asked, frowning.
                Rory grimaced and shook his head.  “I feel like throwing up, but nothing’s broken.”
                Harry nodded his head and then turned around with a glare.  “Idiot,” he muttered and strode over to where Zoe seemed unwilling to let go of Cole’s throat.
                “That’s enough Zoe.  Let him up,” Harry ordered, his hands on his hips and his eyes narrowed dangerously.
                Zoe growled low in her throat but did as she was told and let go of Cole’s throat before moving back.  She shimmered quickly into her human form and stood up, her eyes glowing with fury as Cole stood up as gracefully as he could and straightened his black t-shirt.
                “You better have a really good reason for attacking this man because I’m really tempted to let Zoe tear you apart,” Harry said stepping forward so he and his brother in law were face to face.
                Cyrus looked on curiously as he moved to stand by Zoe in case she went for Cole again.  Cole shrugged, his eyes dark and filled with rage.
                “Well, how did you think I would react?  Not one phone call to let me know Harry?  Really?  I haven’t seen Ava in weeks and what do I find when I meet her plane?  This jerk here with a wedding ring on his hand and his arm around Ava.  I couldn’t believe it, but no, there’s a ring on Ava’s hand too.  You might have saved his life temporarily, but I swear I’m going to kill him if he thinks he’s taking Ava away from me,” Cole swore, his green eyes turning to fire and the muscles in his shoulders bulging menacingly.
                Ava’s mouth fell open in shock and she turned to look up at Rory.  Rory closed his eyes and laughed a little as he shook his head.  “Oh you’re in for it now lass,” he said.
                Zoe blinked in surprise and glanced back at Ava, her body relaxing as an amused smile tilted her mouth up.  “Not five seconds Ava and you’ve got men fighting over you.  That has to be record, even for you,” she said, walking over to Rory and kissing his cheek gently.
                Rory wrapped an arm around his wife’s waist, his light green eyes twinkling into hers.  “I’m so grateful we’re married.  Dating is much too dangerous,” he announced before kissing Zoe lightly.
                Ava swallowed sickly and glanced at Cyrus.  But his attention was centered on Cole who had watched the interaction between Rory and Zoe in confusion. He blinked a couple times and then turned to stare at Ava.   “Wait . . . what? You said you were dating Rory.  I saw the pictures.  And now he’s married to Zoe?” he asked, sounding relieved.
                Ava walked over to stand by her father and looked up at her dad pleadingly.  Harry sighed tiredly and put his hand on his daughter’s shoulder as they faced Cole together.  Cyrus walked over and stood on Ava’s other side, taking her hand in his.
                Harry stepped forward and put both of his hands on Cole’s shoulder as he began to tense again as he saw Cyrus touching Ava.  “Cole, so much has happened in the past few weeks.  Zoe is now married to Rory and Ava is engaged to Cyrus.  I hope that you’ll be happy for them because they have my blessing,” he said firmly.
                Ava felt the full wave of Cole’s rage as he stared at her, his emotions pouring off of him in wave after wave of anger, disbelief and hurt.  With a howl of rage he turned and leaped into the air, transforming into a large black wolf.
                They all watched Cole streak across the air field and disappear into the trees and all the happiness of being home evaporated. Harry lowered his head and shoved his hands in his pockets for a moment before turning and looking at Cyrus and Ava.
                “Well, we knew he wasn’t going to be happy about it.  Don’t worry though.  Give him a few days of running through the mountains and he’ll calm down.  You have my blessing so he has to accept it.  I won’t put up with any violence where you’re concerned Ava.  You’ve been through too much.  I want your wedding to be perfect.  I’ll have a talk with Cole when he’s calmed down.  No worries, okay?” he said and tried to smile before walking over to his son and wife.
                Cyrus stared after Cole with a hard look before stepping forward and pulling Ava into his arms.  He tilted her chin up and they looked quietly into each other’s eyes for a moment before he spoke.  “I’ll talk to him too.”
                Ava’s eyebrows snapped together as she gripped the back of Cyrus’s shirt in her fists.  “He just about killed Rory.  What do you think he wants to do to you right now?  We need to leave.  If you don’t want to go to Vegas, let’s go to Washington. Right now.  We’ll just get right back on the plane and keep going. We can stay there until we’re married.  Please Cyrus,” she pleaded.
                Cyrus ran his hand down her hair and pulled her closer to his chest as he leaned his head against hers.  “I’m not scared of Cole Jansen Ava.  I hope he does go for me.  Maybe when he’s lying in a pool of blood he’ll finally realize that you’re mine.”
                Ava sniffed angrily and pulled back to look up at Cyrus.  “I’m so tired of violence and blood Cyrus.  I hate it.  The sooner we’re married the better.”
                Cyrus sighed and looked up at the sky.  “We can’t go to Washington Ava.  I’ve been on the phone with my mom for days and she’s already sent out invitations to the entire town.  Our wedding will be in five days in the town park.  She’s so excited and happy.  It would kill her if we cancelled.  Cole doesn’t get to ruin our wedding.  Let Harry calm him down.  You’ll see, he’ll be fine,” he said softly.
                Ava leaned her head against Cyrus’s chest again and closed her eyes as his heart beat soothed and calmed her.  “Tell that to Rory’s face,” she muttered.
                Cyrus laughed lightly before nuzzling her neck.  “Come on, let’s get home and unpacked.  My mom has dinner waiting for us.”

                Ava watched Cyrus walk away and frowned.  She studied his powerful shoulders and the elegant play of muscles as he moved.  If Cole ever did attack Cyrus, it would be a fair fight.  The two men were equally strong and powerful.  But Cole would have rage on his side.  Cyrus looked back at her and smiled, his eyes lighting up before he turned away again and she relaxed a little.  Cyrus had something Cole didn’t though.  He would be protecting his mate and she knew from experience that Cyrus would do anything to protect her.  Cole could never win.

*Copyrighted Material

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Pen Names and the Real Me

     So this is the month for letting it all hang out. (Only as far as telling secrets - nothing else)  Okay, are you ready for this?  My name, Katie Lee O'Guinn is a pen name.  I know! So J.K. Rowling, huh? My real name is Shannon Guymon and I've been an author for 14 years.  I've been writing clean romance novels this whole time and wanted to branch out and write Paranormal romance.    
     Here is how I let all my clean romance fans know about Katie Lee O'Guinn:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Big Fat Secret

     So as you might have guessed . . . It's Sharing Time.       
     Remember that old game, Truth or Dare?  Well, I picked both.  I took the dare and now I'm going to tell you about it.  Sooo, I have a pen name.  I took a pen name so that I can write Paranormal Romance for the general public.  And by General Public, I mean people who don't live, think, or act like members of the LDS church.  
     Did that sound ominous?  Good! I hope so,
                   because I'm here to warn you.  
     If you enjoy reading my Christian Romance novels- Great!  BUT - you might not enjoy reading my paranormal romances.  If you hate the idea of reading books about witches, vampires (well, sort of) or werewolves, then please, please do not read my books.  I would hate to read a review on Amazon about how shocked and horrified you are and so you're going to punish me by just giving me 1 Star or something really evil like that. 
     Next warning:  There is kissing in my books.  I know, I know! My clean romance characters kiss too, BUT these books are a little more passionate.  I call it Clean With Steam.  So if you are uncomfortable watching television after 7pm, or never watch a PG-13 movie, then these books are not for you.  Really. They're not.  
     I must point out though, that my books are CLEAN.  There are no sex scenes or heavy make out scenes where you wonder if the characters need an interview with their religious leader.  No. None of that here.  I will never write a sex scene. Ever.  Kissing scenes?  No problem.  
     There are also a lot of action scenes and some are kind of violent.  So if Harry Potter freaked you out, please don't read my books.  Really.  I'm just trying to help you out here.  
     So why am I going out of my way to warn you away from my books? Do I hate selling books?  No.  Do I want you to be bored to death?  No!  Here's the deal.  Shannon Hale, author of Austenland has been getting tons of flak lately.  So much so, that's it's almost upsetting.  From who?  From people who are horrified and offended by the kissing and the innuendo.  (Personally, I loved it and thought it was hilarious - but I'm twisted like that)  So I'm just trying to head off the hate mail.
     My Covers.  This could be a problem.  I've already had a comment on my other author FB page by a person who said they would NEVER buy my book because the cover was too sexy.  On one of my covers, the woman's shoulder is showing.  People - if you are offended by shoulders - PLEASE do not read my books!  There will be shoulders in every book I write.  I find that I can't seem to write about people unless they have shoulders.  (Sorry, that was sarcastic)
     So next question - Why even tell people about my pen name or that I write paranormal romance?  Well, it turns out that a lot of my readers, friends and members of my church actually enjoy paranormal romance.  Besides that, I've had a few people on FB message me and say things like:  "Um, this is a weird question, but are you Katie Lee O'Guinn ?"  These are also the people who read a blog I wrote about a year ago talking about how much I wanted to write a book about a witch and put 2 and 2 together.  So smart!  
     Next question:  Why the name Katie Lee O'Guinn?  I've been doing a ton of Family History and I found out a lot about my Great Grandmother Katie Lee who died at a very early age.  I kind of wanted her to live on and not be forgotten.  Would she want the notoriety of being famous for writing Paranormal Romance?  I'm sure I will find out someday. 
      So here's my other reason for writing for the general public:  Most of the teenagers and new adults out there don't have the same standards as we do.  So in all my books I try to sneak in a  little lesson on chastity or choosing the right.  A lot teenagers in the world are involved in sex, pornography and all the bad stuff that you read about.  My character Sarah in my witch series has to deal with being pressured into a sexual situation.  Not by an evil bad character, but by a friend she cares about.  We all know from the story of Adam and Eve, that the temptation isn't coming from a guy standing on a corner, it's coming from someone you love and trust.  So she has to deal with that.  And hopefully some girl out in the world will be wondering what to do in her own life and read my book and hopefully come away feeling a little stronger and more determined to not be pressured into doing something that would just lead to misery.
     Also, Ava in my werewolf books takes a stand against drinking and drugs in her 3rd book and also decides (again, against a lot of pressure) to wait until she's married to have sex.  And if you read a lot of mainstream books, that is just not happening.  
     Sorry, this blog post is so HUGE, but I thought I'd just get it all out there while I can. 
 So if you're curious or intrigued, starting tomorrow, I'm offering my 1st book in my Lost Witch series for Free, it's called Freak of Nature.  I'm also offering Werewolf Dreams for free as well, which is my first book in my Taming the Wolf trilogy
     And if that's not your cup of coco, please rest assured that I will be writing many more clean romance books in the very near future.

(If you insist on calling me to repentance or sending hate mail, please note that I will possibly put you in my next book and your character will be very mean and most likely unattractive.)
     So that's how I broke it them.  My werewolf and witch fans, what do you think?  If you're curious about my other books - you should check out my newest romance Trilogy with Layla, Kit and Jane.  Would love to get your feedback.  Here's a link to my other books you might be interested in while waiting for Book #4 in my Taming the Wolf Trilogy.

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FREE books from 10/2/13 until 10/6/13

Hey Everyone!
I'm offering Freak of Nature, Book 1 in my Lost Witch Trilogy for FREE for the next few days. Check it out here :  

And I'm also offering the 1st book in my Taming the Wolf series for FREE.  Check it out here :

 If you know someone who loves Clean YA Paranormal romance, let them know about it!  Enjoy this beautiful Fall weather while you can.  In the mean time, I'll be starting Book 4 in the Taming the Wolf Series.  Can't wait to find out what happens to Ava and Cyrus!
Take care,
Katie Lee

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Werewolf Revenge Book #3 is HERE! and Book 2 is FREE

Want to know what happened to Ava after she left Cyrus?  Want to know if Cole tracked her down?  What about Ava's family - her father and her new little brother?  Well it's here!  The answers you've been waiting for.  Check out the new cover.  It is GORGEOUS!  Want to know what a Werewolf in Ireland looks like?  Well, there she is.  

To Celebrate my newest Werewolf Book - I'm offering Werewolf Rage for FREE for 5 days!  Tell your friends and pass it around.  You don't want to miss this!

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Werewolf Rage is LIVE ON KINDLE!

I finished the edits early and Werewolf Rage is now available at on kindle.  Check it out!
Ava Paskell has finally embraced her new life as a werewolf. Especially since that life includes Cyrus Carlston, her mate. Being in love is the best feeling in the world and she wants her dad, Harry to be as happy as she is. So when Perry and Cole Jansen, a brother and sister on the run turn up in town, she'll do anything to see her father and Perry together. Even if that means going up against Perry's mate, Braxton Mayhew and all of his hybrids. In a town like Paskell, nothing is ever easy though and what seems perfect at first can turn into the worst nightmare imaginable.

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Book #2 Werewolf Rage

Hey Everyone! 
Here's my new cover for Werewolf Rage Book #2 in the Taming the Wolf Series.  SO EXCITED!!  I'm finishing the edits right now and it should be live on Kindle at the end of this week.

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Got a new review for Werewolf Dreams! Love this one

Check out my new review on Amazon! I'm also #19 on the paranormal bestsellers list :)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great romance May 20, 2013
By Hiroma
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This was a great kindle find. Great kick ass yet likable heroine and awesome romance. Well written and well paced.
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Werewolf Dreams (Taming The Wolf)
Kindle Edition

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Update on my newest book Werewolf Dreams!

Hey Everyone! I was so excited to see my newest book Werewolf dreams hit #27 in the paranormal/witches and wizards! I'm just about to start on book #2.  I'll keep you posted. In the mean time, I would LOVE some good review on Amazon.  If you're a reader - show some love!

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    5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome April 30, 2013
    Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
    This book was awesome. Ava the main character was bad ass. There were no secrets, no frustration. The story line was good. Definitely worth the money and time.
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    FREE FATE CHANGER! 4/30- 5/2

    Starting tomorrow - 4/30/13 Fate Changer will be FREE on Kindle.  But only for a few days. The fun stops on 5/2/13. So if you're curious about what happens to Sarah, Zane and Lash you better grab it while you can! Also, check out my newest book Werewolf Dreams. It's live on Kindle now.

    Friday, April 26, 2013

    Werewolf Dreams - My newest book, now LIVE on Kindle

    Ava Paskell is not your normal young woman. She's twice as strong as girls her age and she has a problem controlling her emotions. When her dad insists they spend the summer together in a small, strange Canadian town, she knows her life is about to change. But one of the biggest life changing moments is meeting Cyrus Carlston. The powerful bond they share from the very beginning scares her as much as it thrills her. As her life is put in danger and she gets closer an closer to the truth, one thing is clear, Ava's dreams are about to become her reality.

    Saturday, April 20, 2013

    It's time for a Spring Sale!

    Okay everyone,
    I've decided to put all 3 of my books on SALE!  You can get Freak of Nature, Blood Rush and my newest, Fate Changer for $.99!  Tell your friends and check them out!

    Thursday, April 4, 2013

    Blood Rush for FREE on Kindle RIGHT NOW!

    To celebrate my newest book Fate Changer going Live on Kindle, I'm offering Blood Rush for FREE! But only for a few days.  Thursday April 4th 2013 - April 6th 2013. Grab while you can!

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    Fate Changer is now PUBLISHED!

    Here's Fate Changer! I published it to Kindle just yesterday.
    Fate Changer is Book 3 in The Lost Witch Trilogy. Sarah and Zane try to find a way to free themselves from Charles Langford's wicked obsession. She finds new friends and new enemies and must embrace her power in order to save the man she loves. As she comes close to death over and over, she has to put all of her trust in magic and love. It you enjoy YA Paranormal romance like Paranormalcy, Hush, Hush and the Twilight Series, you'll love Fate Changer.
    Let me know what you think!

    Tuesday, March 26, 2013

    My Cover for Fate Changer! Yay!!

    This is my cover for Book #3 in the Lost Witch Trilogy.  I LOVE it!  Special thanks to LFD Designs for Authors.  
    Zane is Gorgeous

    Friday, March 22, 2013

    Book #2 in The Lost Witch Trilogy

    Blood Rush continues the saga of Sarah Hudson as she embraces being a witch. She, her father, Zane and his mother and grandmother and her friend Lash all flee to Maine to escape Charles Langford. He's determined to have Sarah and acquire her power but she's not the only one in trouble. Zane is in trouble of being acquired himself. By a gorgeous new witch at school. Which leaves Sarah and Lash to figure out their relationship. Peril, love and death will keep you reading until the last page. Find out if Sarah is strong enough to make the right choices and become the woman and the witch she needs to be. Fans of Paranormal Romance, like Paranormalcy and Hush, Hush will enjoy Blood Rush. Review: Loved this 2nd book in the Lost Witch Trilogy. The first book, Freak of Nature introduced us to Sarah Hudson and the fact that she's a witch. Add in a sexy guy witch, Zane, a blood addict who has the hots for her, Lash and a father she never knew she had and it sets up a great story. But Blood Rush is way more intense. More intensity with the romance, with the magic and the fact that a psycho is after her to break her and take her power. Loved this book and can't wait for Book #3, Fate Changer. - SFG

    Book 1 in The Lost Witch Trilogy

    Sarah Hudson refuses to believe she's a witch regardless of what her aunt says. She prefers to call it psychokinesis. Sarah has been an outcast since her early teens because of her power. Labeling herself a witch would only make her life even more unbearable. But on the first day of school, a new boy named Zane Miner recognizes her power and decides that he's going to take her under his wing, whether she likes it not. Since he's gorgeous and just as powerful as she is, she's very tempted to let him. But her pull towards another loner threatens her new relationship. As Sarah starts to accept her power she begins to realize that there are many people who would use her and break her into darkness. She must protect herself from her aunt and from a dark destiny that's determined to claim her. Sarah must turn to her new friends if she's going to survive and find the freedom and happiness she's always craved. Freak of Nature is a Young Adult Paranormal book that reaches across all realms of experience and life. The unpredictable plot twists and exciting suspense and romance will have readers from all ages captivated.
    - If you like the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer and paranormal romance, you'll love this one. It's clean, but still has enough romance to keep you up until 2 am reading. Perfect book for cold spooky nights. - SFG
    - I have to say... it was truly amazing. The characters are captivating and interesting. The cliffhanger ending surprised me. I didn't do my research! Now I can't wait for the next book to see what happens. The story flowed so well I didn't want to put the book down. - Heidi