Friday, March 22, 2013

Book #2 in The Lost Witch Trilogy

Blood Rush continues the saga of Sarah Hudson as she embraces being a witch. She, her father, Zane and his mother and grandmother and her friend Lash all flee to Maine to escape Charles Langford. He's determined to have Sarah and acquire her power but she's not the only one in trouble. Zane is in trouble of being acquired himself. By a gorgeous new witch at school. Which leaves Sarah and Lash to figure out their relationship. Peril, love and death will keep you reading until the last page. Find out if Sarah is strong enough to make the right choices and become the woman and the witch she needs to be. Fans of Paranormal Romance, like Paranormalcy and Hush, Hush will enjoy Blood Rush. Review: Loved this 2nd book in the Lost Witch Trilogy. The first book, Freak of Nature introduced us to Sarah Hudson and the fact that she's a witch. Add in a sexy guy witch, Zane, a blood addict who has the hots for her, Lash and a father she never knew she had and it sets up a great story. But Blood Rush is way more intense. More intensity with the romance, with the magic and the fact that a psycho is after her to break her and take her power. Loved this book and can't wait for Book #3, Fate Changer. - SFG

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