Monday, April 28, 2014

The 1st Chapter in my new Werewolf book Hunted

  So I've been promising everyone a new werewolf book by the end of this month.  Aaaand - It's April 28th. The good news is that It's looking good!  I'm working on editing and the cover so it might not be up on Kindle until the end of the week but I'm feeling kind of proud of myself.  

   I'm in such a good mood that I've decided to share the first chapter in Hunted, 1st book in my Chasing the Wolf series.  And never fear, you're going to see a ton of Ava and Cyrus and Harry and everyone else from Paskell along with some new and very interesting characters.  
   There's a werewolf hunter after Maysie LaRouga, her brother and her mom and the only safe haven for them is in Paskell. 


Chapter 1 - Running

                Maysie stared at the hand drawn map the gas station clerk had drawn for her and grumbled a word that had her little brother Elijah’s eyebrows shooting up to his forehead.
                “Maze, it’s no big deal. Let’s just change like Mama said to do when we got this far and we can follow the scent to Paskell. I bet if we change right now we can be there by dinner time,” he said looking back at the gas station with a pained expression.
                Maysie closed her eyes and sighed knowing her brother was hungry but they had to save all the money they could so they could rent a room when they arrived in town.  Mama hadn't given them much money before she’d left but she’d given them all she could. She rooted around in her backpack for the last two granola bars.  She threw one to Elijah and tried to smile. 
                “Well, I was hoping we wouldn't have to change. There’s no telling where Sawyer is. He could be following Mama’s trail or ours.”
                Elijah groaned and sat down before opening his granola bar.  “Maysie, you know he’s not following us.  We’d sense him if he was.  Now let’s stop wasting time and just get there.  I’m so tired of hitchhiking and sleeping outside I could die.”
                Maysie sat down next to her brother and felt a wave of exhaustion hit her.  “If we change, we’ll have to leave everything behind.  Traveling as wolves means dumping the backpacks.  It means we’ll be walking into town with nothing but the shirts on our backs,” she said quietly as a semi-truck rumbled by.
                Elijah looked at her for a moment and then glanced at their ratty backpacks that were practically empty now.  “Mama will be with us soon.  She said we could tie the money in that little change purse around your neck.  What are you really worried about?”
                Maysie blushed and looked away.  There was ten years between her and her little brother, but sometimes she wondered who was wiser.  “You change all the time Elijah.  I haven’t changed in three years.  Not since . . .” she paused and swallowed hard. 
                Elijah patted her back.  “You mean, not since Jake died? Yeah, I know.  Doesn't mean you can’t though.”
                Maysie let out a long shaky breath and stood up.  Elijah stood up immediately next to her and grabbed her arm with a smile on his face.  “Come on, it’ll be fun.”
                Maysie snorted and tossed her backpack in the garbage can and watched as Elijah did the same.  Without another word she walked toward the dense forest that crept up the mountains.  “I’ll change first and then you tie the money around my neck, then you can change.”
                Elijah grinned and took the small money pouch she handed him.  As soon as they were alone in the shaded woods she stopped and looked around for a moment.  She could hear the sound of birds and animals and the wind through the trees.  It had been a long time since she’d run free in the swamps near their home.  She turned and stared at her little brother and felt the familiar kick of fierce protectiveness. Whatever they faced here in Canada, it would have to come through her to get to him.
                “Stay close to me Elijah.  I can’t protect you if you wander off and get cornered. This isn't Louisiana.  They have creatures scarier than gators out here.”
                Elijah laughed and rolled his eyes.  “I doubt it.  Come on, you’re just stalling.”
                Maysie glared at her brother and then shook it off.  He was right.  She walked in a slow circle and then closed her eyes. She did as her mother had taught her and she focused all of her energy in her core. When she was completely centered, she hurled all of her energy through her arms and legs and lifted her head to the sky as she shimmered and changed into her wolf form.  She howled with joy and ran in a circle around her younger brother as he grinned and punched his arm in the air.
                “Yes!” Elijah yelled and then quickly tied the money around his sister’s neck.  When he was done, he glanced around before turning and running through the trees.

                Maysie followed him and felt irritation at her brother’s antics.  He was such a showoff.  Elijah jumped as if he were diving into a pool and landed on his feet as a wolf.  He looked back at her and she caught up to him, nudging him in the shoulder.  Within seconds they were sprinting in the direction their noses were taking them.  North, to the land of werewolves.  

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Free Book!

Hi Friends!
   I know, I know, it's been awhile.  Just wanted to catch you guys up on everything going on.  Starting today, I'm giving away free copies of Werewolf Dreams on Kindle.  If you already have it, now's a good time to give it to a friend - For Free!  You can even pick when it arrives, so you can give it to someone for a birthday present or for Mother's Day or just to be nice.Just select the gift option on the right hand side. So easy!  

   Also, as some of you know, my newest book will be done very very soon. I'm hoping for a sneak peek at the end of the week.  Title and Cover will be revealed soon as well. But it will be the first book in a new series, called Chasing the Wolf.  You'll still get to see and hear all about the wolves from Paskell like Ava, Cyrus and of course, Cole. 

   Thanks too for all of the kind comments and great reviews.  I LOVE getting good reviews!

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