Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's time for a Spring Sale!

Okay everyone,
I've decided to put all 3 of my books on SALE!  You can get Freak of Nature, Blood Rush and my newest, Fate Changer for $.99!  Tell your friends and check them out!


  1. Hi Katie,

    I loved this trilogy! Great job on the writing a wonderful, fun story. I accidentally stumbled upon this book as I was looking for another book with same title. Please consider changing the cover. Why so dark and intense? The books have an awesome paranormal romance ,humor and great relationship bonds formed between the characters.So many people should be reading these books. A good cover could only help. Why not have two people on the cover since it's a paranormal romance? Maybe it's just me but if I know nothing about a book, the cover's pretty important and tells me if I should look further . Sorry, but since I'm talking about covers, not liking the the cover for "Werewolf Dreams" either. The "party" girl on cover looks way older than 17 and not what I would picture Ava to look like. Maybe a profile would have been better leaving it to reader imagination? Ever thought about writing a follow up story with Lash And Jenny? LOL.

  2. Sorry you don't like the covers but I'm glad you like the stories. Have you had a chance to read Werewolf Rage? Book 2 is coming out tomorrow, Werewolf Revenge. Hope you like it! And that's an interesting idea about Lash and Jenny. You might see them when I do a new series based on Jericho.